Saturday, November 8, 2014

MissG aka Dee for that handsome barista at starbucks

I didn’t think before I would like her as much as I do today. She’s the one who I feel very comfortable to hang out with. She is the one who makes me laugh until my belly hurts by her simple words. She is the one who I have never felt annoyed when she is around me. She is the one who is the reason why I have never skipped a Friday class. She is the only one here who I can say she is my close friend.

She sometimes reflects who I am, and on the other hands she shows me a kind of person who I can’t be.  She often says she is mean, but she’s far from that word in my eyes. When she gets angry at someone, she just talks about the point that pisses her off. She rarely gossip about something that is out of topic and this is another thing I can learn from her. She often says she isn’t good at this and that, but actually she’s better than she thinks she is, and I’m very proud of her.

Not only relationship that needs the ‘right place and right time’ thing, friendship too.

That Original Frippo


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