That Original Frippo

The twenty-something-year-old lady.
Independent, outspokenly, funny, and reliable.
However, she is kinda stubborn, sometimes.
Backpack, camera, latte, green tone,
and quarter-moon-eyes are her signatures.

A country-Folk and a comedy-drama lover.

She holds a bachelor's degree in marketing.
Currently, studying a master in multimedia.
Born and raised in a suburb of Bangkok, Thailand.
And now joyfully lives and learns in Hawthorn,
a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

"Enjoy the little things" is her motto.


Literature Student to Folklore Student
Arts Chula to UNC-Chapel Hill
Lampang, Thailand to North Carolina, USA
Reader / Writer / Illustrator / Traveler / Daydreamer

Mellow Tiger..

Mellow tiger would be the perfect word to describe her personality;
strong, and determined, but caring and mellow.
She was born in a year of tiger.
Loved watching movie (she takes it seriously) and travel.
Believed in girls/women power.
Always, recharged energy by walking, traveling (alone)
and hugging people she loved.

Completed bachelor degree from Bangkok, Thailand.
After working for a year, she decided to pursue her dream job
by going to study Master in US.
Currently, lived and worked in Denver, Colorado.

I'm Pandan

An ordinary girl.
Was Born and raised in Bangkok, and still live in Bangkok. 
Although she is not interested in business, 
she graduated with a bachelor of communication arts, major in advertising. 

A foodie, particularly milk green tea. 
An animal lover, especially dogs as she thinks they understand what she says. 

Enjoy traveling and exploring new places. 
"Everything is gonna be okay", she believes.


  1. วู้วๆ สาวๆ
    แต่ละคนมีโลกคนละใบ หลายคนหลายใบเอามาแชร์กัน
    ฉันรู้สึกดีเหลือเกินที่ได้เดินเล่นชมสาวๆ บนพื้นที่แห่งนี้ทุกวัน